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How to win

Handicapping The Competition

By Eric Moomey (moomeyer on DerbyWars) A few weeks back, I was at a Keeneland tournament awaiting for the winners to be announced and wondering why I wasn’t on top the leaderboard. For my first of 15 races I hit a … Continue reading


Conquering Head-To-Head Matchups in DerbyWars

Players often talk about Head-To-Head games and the different strategy involved. There is definitely a different strategy to H2H games as you only have to beat one opponent.  It’s a true one-on-one matchup, where the goal isn’t necessarily to score … Continue reading


Three Secrets To Winning Handicapping Contests

This guest post is by Lenny Moon of Equinometry. Pattern recognition is an important ability to have if you want to be successful as a horseplayer. Just as history has a way of repeating itself so to do results in horse … Continue reading


Handicapping The Handicapping Contests

This guest post is by Lenny Moon of Equinometry. Skim through the past performances of any race card at any track on any day and you will find a diverse group of races.  Races on the main track, be it … Continue reading

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Closing Tracks Should Produce Big Prices

By Tony Bada Bing So we find ourselves, Derby War Players, in a ‘tweener stage – in between last week’s $30K game and the Derby Day $50K game. Can’t wait for the first Saturday in May? Great, you can still … Continue reading

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$30K Game A Class Test For Horse and Player

Mom always said, “I’d be judged by the company I kept.” This quote made famous by President Kennedy was usually spouted during some teenage indiscretion, rule broken or moral dilemma. In the world of Thoroughbreds, trainers and owners constantly try to find … Continue reading


Finding False Favorites In Saturday’s $10K HANA Game

Derby Wars is proud to introduce Tony Bada Bing, the man with the plan to help you grow as a tournament player! His first topic – finding false favorites in Saturday’s $10,000 Game sponsored by HANA. By Tony Bada Bing … Continue reading

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