Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about DerbyWars? Check out the quick FAQs below or if you can’t find what you’re looking for contact us.
1. Basics
2. Entering a Tournament
3. Making Picks
4. Deposits and Withdrawals
5. Scratches
6. Prizes and Tournament Rules
7. Scoring
8. Cancelled Races, Tournaments
9. Qualifiers
10. Tokens and Points
11. NHC Qualifiers
12. Game Chat
13. My Games

If you are new to Derby Wars, we recommend you click on”How To Play” at the top of the page.

1. Basics

  • What is DerbyWars?

    Derby Wars is a revolutionary horse racing game combining skilled tournament play with a social game experience to appeal to both tournament veterans and casual fans.

  • How do I play Derby Wars?

    Players can sign up for free any day at Check out a quick tutorial video here.

  • Why should I play DerbyWars?

    Our games are available to play several days a week allowing you the flexibility to play whenever you want and as often as you want. You can play smaller games if you are just learning or bigger tournaments, too. Plus, it is a lot of fun!

  • How do I sign up for DerbyWars?

    To open an account, simply click here to register on the home page and deposit some money (minimum $20) to start playing the game in full.

  • How much do the games cost, and what can I win?

    DerbyWars offers games with entry fees for as low as $1 all the way up to $250 entry fees. The prizes for winning those games are listed on each tournament’s page. DerbyWars may from time to time offer contests of different sizes and entry fee levels. In each case the prize level will be advertised on the contest tournament page.

  • Who is eligible to play Derby Wars?

    Residents of the United States and Canada are eligible to participate in Derby Wars tournaments except for those residing in Hawaii, Iowa, Montana, Nevada, New York and Washington. Players must be at least 18 years old to play.  Also, members of the Horse Racing Labs, LLC team along with their immediate families are ineligible to participate on Derby Wars or any other online horse racing contests in which the contest offers prize money or awards of monetary value.

  1. 2. Entering a Tournament

    • How do I enter a tournament?

      By going to the Tournaments page and selecting the tournament you want to play and after you go to that page, clicking on the green + button under Tickets.

    • What can I use to enter a tournament? Money, points, tokens?

      You can use all three. Most tournaments are for cash entry, such as $25 to enter. Many tournaments will also allow for entry by token, such as a $25 token. Tokens can only be used for the exact amount they are worth and cannot be divided into smaller amounts. Some contests are open for entry by points.

    • How do I enter a FREE tournament?

      Players are given a certain amount of player points when they set up their account. These points can be used to enter a points entry tournament, for example, a 1,000 point tournament.

    • Can family members enter the same tournament?

      Family members can enter the same tournament as long as there are 15 or more entries in the tournament.

  2. Making Picks

    • How do I make my picks?

      By clicking the primary box to the right of the horse’s name and after you make your primary selection, you make an alternate selection which only comes into play if your primary selection scratches. There is no need to confirm your selections but if you can see your selection noted in box on upper right part of screen, your selection has been recorded.

    • Can I change my picks?

      Yes, you can change your selection up until Derby Wars closes the race for selections.

    • When do races close for selections?

      When the running clock on the race page expires, generally about 1-2 minutes before actual post time. It is recommended that players have their selections in with at least 30 seconds before running clock expires.

    • When do races close for selections?

      When the running clock on the race page expires, generally about 1-2 minutes before actual post time. It is recommended that players have their selections in with at least 30 seconds before running clock expires.

    • Can I see other player’s selections?

      Shortly after Derby Wars closes a race for selections, you can see players’ selections for that race by clicking on the dollar amount next to their name on the leaderboard. You can also see their picks for prior races.

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  3. Scratches

    • What happens if my primary pick scratches?

      Your alternate pick will become your selection. If you did not pick an alternate, you will receive the post-time favorite.

    • What happens if both my primary and alternate selections scratch?

      You get the post-time favorite.

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  4. Deposits and Withdrawals

    • How I can deposit money into my account?

      By clicking on the deposit tab and following the instructions. At the current time, deposits are accepted with a Visa or Mastercard, or by ACH bank transfer.

    • How can I withdraw money from my account?

      You can withdraw your money at any time. Simply click on the deposit button at the top right of the screen, click to the withdraw tab and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. We’ll then send a check within five (5) business days. We also conduct anti-fraud checks on playing patterns and deposits prior to processing a withdrawal. For withdrawals over $600 we require a valid mailing address and social security number in order to file the appropriate tax forms at year end.

    • I’m having problems depositing money into my account, what can I do?

      If you’re having any problems depositing money then email us at and we’ll resolve the issue as soon possible.

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  5. Prizes and Tournament Rules

    • How can I find out what prizes are awarded in a Derby Wars?

      On the Tournaments page, the prize distribution can be seen by placing your cursor over the total amount shown in the prize pool. On the game page, the prize distribution can be seen by clicking the trophy to the left of the prize pool.

    • How can I find out the rules of a specific tournament?

      By clicking the word rules on the games page of the specific tournament.

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  6. Scoring

    • How are the scores calculated?

      The scores are calculated according to the actual payouts at actual race tracks. However, win payouts are capped at $32 and place payouts are capped at $18 unless otherwise stated in the individual tournament rules.  If the contest has $2 Win-Place-Show scoring, the $2 Show scoring will be capped at $10.

    • What if there is a mistake in the scoring?

      Any mistakes in the scoring of horses or prices during a contest will be corrected as soon as possible during the contest. If the contest is closed, DerbyWars will still correct any scoring mistakes. Prizes will be determined according to the correct score.

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  7. Cancelled Races, Tournaments

    • What happens if any of the games are postponed or called off?

      Contests require for 60% of the scheduled races in the contest to be run in order for prizes to be paid. If less than 60% of the contest races are run, then the contest is cancelled and each player will have their entry fees refunded. This does not apply to Points contests. Points games (games in which points are used as the sole source of entry fee) will not be cancelled as long as a minimum of three races are contested.

    • What happens if races are delayed or run out of order?

      Each scheduled tournament is built with an order to the races, but that is just a guideline. Sometimes post times change. In each case, it is your responsibility to enter your selections for each race in the contest.

    • The contest is over, so why is my account not showing my prize?

      It usually takes about 20 minutes for completed contests to post results to each player’s account. You should also receive an email stating your final position and any winnings. Be sure to check in your spam folder if you do not see the email.

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  8. Qualifiers If a game is designated as a Qualifier or “Round 1” game, players attempt to “Qualify” and win an entry into a future game.  Qualifying players will be automatically entered in the larger tournament that the game is a qualifier for.Should the larger “Round 2” or Qualifying game be canceled, players will receive the cash value of the entry they won to that tournament.  DerbyWars can not guarantee that if a player wins a Qualifier that the future qualifying game will not be canceled.

  9. Tokens and Points

    • What are Tokens?

      Tokens can be used like a gift certificate in lieu of cash. A $25 token allows a player to buy into a $25 tournament, a $115 token allows a player to buy into a $115 tournament, etc. Basically, tokens are a form of currency which can be only used to enter tournaments. Tokens can only be used for the exact amount they are worth, and cannot be divided into smaller amounts. Tokens are usually earned as part of a prize pool in a contest.

    • What are the value of the different tokens ?

      A token is like a pre-paid ticket – or think of it like a gift certificate.  If you win a $47 token, then you can use it to enter any $47 game in the future.

    • What are Points Used For?

      Points are player-reward points that can be used to enter future tournaments. Players can earn points by making their first deposit, playing in tournaments, inviting friends and becoming friends in the game with other players.

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  10. NHC Qualifiers

    • In a Derby Wars NHC Qualifier, do I have to be a NTRA Tour member?

      Yes. In order to qualify for the NHC, you must be a NTRA Tour member prior to the beginning of taking part in a Derby Wars NHC Qualifier.

    • In a Derby Wars NHC Qualifier, do I earn NTRA Tour points?

      See the NTRA tour rules.  In 2015, only games with 2 NHC spots earn tour points.

    • In a Derby Wars, where do I list my NTRA Tour Player ID?

      Go to your profile page and click on the Personal Info tab.

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  11. Game Chat

    • How do I participate in the game chat?

      You can type in the bottom portion of the game chat window and hit the enter button.

    • How do I close the game chat?

      Click on the downward pointing arrow.

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  12. My Games

    • Where can I see my previous games?

      All of your previous games can be accessed by clicking on “My Games”. You can also visit your profile page and click on the Tournament History tab.

    • I’ve lost my log in details, what can I do?

      Simply go to the home page and click on the forgotten password link to send you a reminder.

    • How do I delete my account?

      Contact via e-mail.

    • If I have a problem, who can I contact?

      Email  Emails are checked daily and responded to quickly during racing hours 9am – 9pm most days.

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  13. About DerbyWars

    • Who is Derby Wars?

      Derby Wars is the latest creation from Horse Racing Labs, LLC, a technology-based business focusing on innovation in horse racing. The company’s first website,, was launched in 2009 and hosts over 3-million visits annually from horse racing fans around the world.

      Horse Racing Labs, LLC was co-founded by longtime horse racing executive Mark Midland, formerly with Churchill Downs, Harrah’s and;and marketing executive Michael Shutty.