DerbyWars mobile app now in Beta

Players have been asking for the DerbyWars mobile app, and it is now available in Beta at

The app is for iPhone, Android and other smartphone devices.

We will be making several improvements to the app over the next several weeks, but we wanted to get the app out for players to use.   Currently, the app is in Beta, and recommended for experienced DerbyWars players at this point.

There are currently two known bugs/issues:

1) You will be unable to bet on an entry (1 & 1A, for example) if one of them is scratched.

2) The mobile app may not work for Blackberry users.

We look forward to making further improvements to the app and we look forward to your feedback!

Team DerbyWars

DerbyWars mobile app

DerbyWars mobile app

5 Responses to DerbyWars mobile app now in Beta

  1. Dan Ferris says:

    The link seems to be broken, nothing comes up when I click it.

  2. Jesse boone says:


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  5. Tutu says:

    I just love the app. Its pretty cool app.

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