Announcing Flexible Prizes!

We have an exciting new game addition to announce today: Flexible Prizes! (Or what should we call them? What do you think?)

We all know, two of the biggest problems with contests are:

  • Games cancelling
  • Games filling up


The new Flexible Prize game type is designed to solve both. These games will continue to get bigger and bigger with each entry, once the low minimum is met!


Here’s how it works:

This game: TOP 3 SPLIT $600 to $1,500



  • ​​If only 20 players enter, the prize is $600, and TOP 3 get $200 each!
  • When the 21st player enters, the prize is $630, and top 3 get $210 each!
  • If 25 players enter, the prize is $900, and TOP 3 get $300 each!
  • If 50 players enter, the prize is $1,500, and TOP 3 get $500 each!


Once 20 players enter and the $600 minimum is met, you will see the prize go up with each entry!


This game: $100 to $300 GAME



  • Once 10 players have entered, the game is a go at $100.
  • Each entry after the 10th makes the prize pool go up!


You can look at the prize distribution any time and see it change as the prize goes up! 

If you have any feedback on the new games, click on the Orange Circle at the bottom right and let us know what you think!


7 Responses to Announcing Flexible Prizes!

  1. Bill matyja says:

    I like it,the more tournaments u haves the better,I can’t get enuff

  2. Mo says:

    I think it’s great! Hope you can get some tracks back soon…

  3. Mikeyvegas39 says:

    I hope u guys get some good tracks back soon ,.. these donkey tracks r tough to handicapp

  4. frank capozzo says:

    blessing in disquise, BUT why hack some of these good games. like we used to have a good old 7 race game, now its 6 races or 5 races and sometimes 4 races man whats up with that?

  5. bruce grover says:

    nice way to eliminate cancellation thanks

  6. will in the future we go to where it’s just the more people that enter up to a certain point the 4th spot etc would also be paid? as how the online poker tournaments usually are? also for each buy in price, while they may not always fill, having each buy in as a live tournament then the other as a lockdown. Also having no cap on entries? meaning the amount that can enter is unlimited.

  7. Joseph,
    That’s a good idea about adding more spots paid and something we will look at in the future.
    We probably won’t do unlimited entries because that changes the strategy of the game too much. Most players prefer to know how many entries are allowed.

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